ReRoot was founded in the beautiful Aotearoa, New Zealand by Louise Marra & Wendie Hall. 

The idea for ReRoot evolved as a need to help people reconnect with the natural world.  It evolved from a desire to change the way we make change, to change the way we innovate and to change the ways we connect. 

We want people to awaken to their highest wisdom and their potential to achieve unity with our planet. We believe the way to solving our issues is through growing our interconnectedness with nature and with each other. 

ReRoot is a division of Unity House, whose purpose is to awaken consciousness in individuals, organisations and communities. ReRoot’s aim is to deeply help all people, anyone willing, to return to their true connected self and become leaders. We are all leaders of this new connective movement. ReRoot is essential in our times, and we all can do it, and must do it. 

We offer many programs at all levels to help people within organisations, groups and as individuals.