How many of your friends are trees? 🤔

None? We’d like to change that. Nature has long been regarded for its calming and healing effect on humans. However, our modern lifestyle has us more disconnected to nature and to our true purpose than ever before.

Introducing the ReRoot journey

ReRoot Fundamentals is a self guided course designed to be completed at your own pace. We recommend a lesson a week, for 5 weeks. Scroll down to learn more about this course

Course curriculum

    1. 🎥 Orientation - Let's start with you

    2. ✍🏼 Let's check-in

    3. 🌏 Let's get connected

    4. 📝 The Global Human Tree Forest

    5. 🎥 Getting to know you

    6. 📚 The ReRoot playbook

    7. 🎧 Guided audio journey - Connecting inward

    8. ✍🏼 Guided inquiry - Let's start with you

    9. 🎧 Bonus guided audio: Cave of nourishment and renewal

    10. 💬 Invitation to share

    1. 🎥 Orientation - Going on your first date

    2. 🎥 Going on your first date with your tree

    3. 🎧 Going on your first date

    4. 🎧 Activating your feet

    5. ✍🏼 Guided inquiry - Getting to know your tree

    6. 💬 Invitation to share

    1. 🎥 Orientation - Getting to know each other

    2. 🎥 Deepening your relationship with your tree

    3. 🎧 Guided audio journey - Exchanging breath with your tree

    4. 🎧 Guided audio journey - Noticing the land

    5. 🎧 Guided audio journey - Deepening observation

    6. ✍🏼 Guided inquiry - Getting to know each other

    7. 🎧 Bonus guided audio: A small moment of being your tree

    8. 💬 Invitation to share

    1. 🎥 Orientation - Falling in love with your tree

    2. 🎥 Communicating with your tree

    3. 🎧 Guided audio journey - Tree hearing and conversing

    4. 🎥 Creating with your tree

    5. 🎧 Guided audio journey - Creating with your tree

    6. 🎥 Healing with your tree

    7. 🎧 Guided audio journey - Healing with your tree

    8. 🎥 The tree hug - A demonstration

    9. 🎧 Guided audio journey - Hugging your tree

    10. ✍🏼 Guided inquiry - Falling in love with your tree

    11. 💬 Invitation to share

    1. 🎥 Integration - the way forward

    2. ✍🏼 Guided inquiry - Integration

    3. 🎧 Guided audio journey - The journey deepens and begins anew

    4. ✍🏼 Let's check-in

    5. 💬 Invitation to share

About this course

  • $149.00
  • 55 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content
  • Kindle edition of the book that started it all
  • 16 guided audio journeys
  • one tree planted with every course purchased

The ReRoot Fundamentals Course

Hear what it's all about

You have come to the right place if

  • You want to learn how to calm and centre your nervous system

  • You struggle with traditional mindfulness practices

  • You want a deeper connection to life

  • You want more enjoyment and appreciation of the natural world around you

  • You want to join a like-minded community

  • You want to find more purpose, meaning and joy in everyday life

Inside the course

You will get access to 6 self-paced modules designed to guide you on your journey.

  • Video lessons and demonstrations

  • Guided meditations and contemplation

  • A toolbox of practices and interactive playbook

  • A step by step process of how to truly engage with nature

  • Live Q and As to have all your questions answered by our guides

  • Access to the ReRoot community group

BONUS eBook!

Purchase the ReRoot Fundamentals course and receive a FREE copy of course founder, Louise Marra’s new eBook. Filled with practical and profound ways to deepen your relationship to nature and yourself, this book is the perfect way to deepen your ReRoot experience. 🌳
Whether it is talking to trees, listening to leaves or bantering with bees, this is your time to become one with nature and get a little weird. Still got questions? Read our FAQs:


I've thoroughly enjoyed the process of building a relationship with my tree, the stillness of it. It's definitely a journey of self-discovery. I love the journey, love the practice, and love to encourage other people to be able to do this.


Through this course, I've really discovered another layer of myself. Through the creative module of creating a sculpture, I was able to really connect more into that lesson of balance and trying to find true harmony. I feel like the connection that we can have with trees can really benefit our mental, emotional, and physical well-being because we learn different lessons through that connection.


The journey’s been fantastic. I will admit, I was a bit reluctant, it is outside my comfort zone. When Louise said that it was gonna get a bit weird, I didn't realize quite how weird it would get at first. But what amazed me was how natural it felt very quickly. ”


I’m getting a hell of a lot out of it, I'm really enjoying very much the part of me that can connect with nature and actually help to get out of my head. I think it's a wonderful thing. Sometimes I just have too much going on in my head, difficulty sleeping, all the rest of it, and through this process, it helps slow down, helps you ground, helps you get to sleep. ”


I came to a stage in my life: I need to heal. Somehow, luckily, this program found me and I found this program. It made me aware of (I'm still learning), but it made me aware of nature. Nature is the thing that could help me to heal and grow - but I need to learn how. It's challenging, it can be intense, overwhelmingly intense, in terms of the feelings that it triggered inside of me. I feel relaxed, I feel comfortable. But it also feels unfamiliar, because I'm not used to that kind of support, unconditional support, that nonjudgmental support. I feel that the trees and nature is going to help me bring myself back the ability to feel again, the ability to be myself and be connected with this world, as myself. ”


Still on the fence about ReRoot? 🤔

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