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Nature Connection

Jump online to hear from our founder Louise Marra on how to deepen your intimacy with nature. Walk away with some great tips, inspiration, and a sense of grounding.

NZ: 29th March 2023, NZT 8am
USA: 28th March 2023, PST 11am / EST 2pm

The ReRoot Fundamentals Course

How could it change your life?

It’s time to discover the real you

Meet ReRoot, your personal relationship expert here to help spark a connection between nature and you.
What are you waiting for? Embark on your self-discovery journey today.

Not just another mindfulness course

Struggle to sit and meditate? To truly experience life you need a full body experience. Use all of your senses to cultivate a life-changing relationship with the natural world that is easy, fun, and deep.

One tree planted when you join

Every time you join our Fundamentals Course a tree is planted with Million Metres Streams in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

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